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USPS postage rates

USPS Ancillary Service Endorsements

USPS Address Placement for unenclosed flats (PDF)

USPS Address Placement for catalogs/magazines (PDF)

Mailing expertise that
saves you time and money

Corporations, ad agencies, schools, and non-profits aren't the only ones that rely on Licher’s mailing department. Clients include dozens of other commercial printers throughout Los Angeles.

Mailing Licher is an active member of the USPS local Postal Customer Council to stay current on current postal regulations and get early warnings about changes.

Mailing services include all ink jetting, sorting, tabbing, weighing, and USPS paperwork. Clients may use the company's mailing permit or their own. Licher is a USPS satellite site. The post office sends an employee to weigh mail pieces on Licher's scales.

Design ADVICE Don’t design your mailing piece until you review the USPS Ancillary Service Endorsements, Address Placement for unenclosed flats and Address Placement for catalogs and magazines (links at left).

Not only can the correct design save hundreds—or thousands of dollars—the right layout can prevent delivery delays.

Mailing lists Licher can enter and maintain your lists, or import an existing mailing list from any database, spreadsheet, or contact manager program that can export “delimited” files. Your representative can purchase a commercial list of prospects based on target demographics such as ZIP codes, household income, age, etc.

NCOA All mailing lists are required by the USPS to be updated with the National Change of Address (NCOA) database every 90 days. This periodic update saves you time and money by helping your mail get to the right address the first time.

Personalization Using mail merge software and inkjet printing, Licher can personalize cover letters, invitations, envelopes, self-mailers and other print pieces. The variable data can be names, address, numbers, dates, and other text as well as UPC bar codes. Ask to see samples of personalized mailing pieces.

Saving money Licher’s goal is to get you the best mailing rates. After all, trimming three cents per piece on a 100,000-piece mailing saves $3,000.

Call 626/795-3333 or email to find out how to save money on your next project.

Licher Printing & Mailing • 626/795-3333 • 980 Seco Street, Pasadena, CA 91103